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Resume Format PDF or Document: How to Choose the Best Resume File Format
Posted On 05/20/2020 08:02:36

Every applicant has a question whether they should send their resume as a resume pdf format or simply a word file.

You might understand that there is a big difference between PDF or Document file format.

If not, do not worry.

We will let you know how to choose a file format for your document.

Yes, the accurate file format of a resume definitely compels a hiring manager in order to open it.

Which One is Better: Word or PDF

Although choosing a file format seems a very simple task, it's as important as creating a resume.

For a job, a company gets about 300 resumes. Thus, the software is used to sort those resumes.

This software is called ATS (applicant tracking system).

Resume based on the keywords described in the ATS job description. This is how ATS resumes based on relevance.

If you have put all the things right in your resume, such as skills, then your resume will get the first rank.

Therefore, you need to resume your by adding keywords to make sure your resume selection.

Do you understand the meaning of the above lines?

If not, I will inform you about it.

Well, this simply means that 100 are going to resume that will not face the recruits.

The hiring manager will select only the top-ranked resume for the interview.

Where Does File Formatting Work for your Resume?

ATS software cannot read special formatting. For example, some older versions of the ATS software were not able to read the resume PDF format.

Here, you need to make sure you have an ATS-friendly resume template.

Scanning through ATS

Of course, most big companies use certain types of software. And, this software scans your resume.

You will have filled any application form online and then attached your resume. This is where the ATS software works.

In addition, a large firm with several employees will process the resume of candidates through ATS.

Although small enterprises are less likely to use this software, this trend is changing at a much faster pace in the world of this day and age.

The strategy will be similar to the software's past in every case:

The resume matches the job description.

Best keywords for resumes.

Formatting of resumes to avoid its rejection.

Before proceeding, you need to check if your PDF file is ok. For this, copy and paste on a text. If your computer doesn't have any problems reading that text, there's no problem.

How to Choose Resume File Format: PDF or Word

So, which is the best resume format. Word or PDF.

No one is better than the other. Choosing a file format really depends on how a company wants you to apply for a job.

So, your first task comes to check whether the company has any demand for guidelines on the format of the resume.

If the job description gives you some specific instructions, follow them and all you have to do is do it for the format.

However, if you haven't been given any kind of instructions, save your file in multiple formats so you can choose and send the demand format at any time.

Here are the Merits and Demerits of using PDF and Word file format.

Merits of Resume Format PDF

Anyone can open the resume format PDF on their computer.

This ensures that formatting won't be messed up when someone opened.

More creative freedom.

Demerits of Resume Format PDF

Some ATS software has a problem reading resume format PDF.

For ATS, it's hard to read graphics or images in a resume.

Merits of Word Resume Format

Most companies prefer plain and simple documents.

ATS software can easily read a word file format.

Demerits of Word Resume Format

Formatting can be messed up when you resume.

The section of the resume can be easily changed or removed.

It does not have creative flexibility.

Why it is Important to Send your Resume Format PDF

Sending your resume as a PDF file is a great idea because this format will open on the hiring managers' screen as you created it.

But, if a recruiter tries to resume the word format, it can mess up the drafting as a rearrangement of words or accidental removal of text.


It says that saving a resume format PDF would be a good idea other than saving as a word document. But if you have instructions,  simply follow them. If you want to make a resume online then visit our site.

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Best Extracurricular Activities to List on a Resume
Posted On 05/13/2020 07:13:18
Extracurrative activities are, of course, an essential life skill. These skills not only improve a person's academic performance, but also prepare him for life. Students can expand their network of additional activities and add value to their resume.
There are a lot of additional activities. These activities are really proof of the skills and abilities you have. Adding your skills to your resume makes you stand out from other candidates.
Do not be confused with work experience and these activities. They are similar, only acquired in different ways.
Now, you know how indispensable it is to resume these additional activities.
But, what activities to resume is a question that is going to move around your mind.
Let’s show you what extracurricular activities on resume would sound great for you.

Here are the Best Top Activities for a Resume

Student Council

Students who are part of the Council have some skills. An example, leadership skills, time management, hard work, decision making and to cite inventory.
These are the best activities to list in your resume.
As you know, as a member of the Student Council, there are time, effort and many other responsibilities. In this regard, these skills become an invaluable resource of experience that an employer sees.

Student Council Members have-

  • Organizational skills
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Time management
  • Hard work
  • Decision making
  • Leadership skills
  • Agile listening skills
  • Economy improvement skills
  • Teamwork skills
Listing out these skills on a resume makes you help in landing the job.


Similarly, games are not only fun, but they demonstrate many abilities in players.
Candidates who have participated in any sporting activities have some skills that are not normal.
These skills make your resume attractive and help you get out of the job.
Most games depend on teamwork and complete dedication and this is what an employer wants to see in your resume. Thus, sports is one of the best qualities employers love to see, as they want the same dedication and teamwork at the workplace.

Being a sports person at school or college level shows that you have-

  • Dedication
  • Leadership skills
  • Time management
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Sharing and caring
  • Self-confidence

Participation in Clubs, Societies, and Organizations

Similarly, games are not only fun, but they demonstrate many abilities in players.
Candidates who have participated in any sporting activities have some skills that are not normal.
These skills make your resume attractive and help you get out of the job.
Most games depend on teamwork and complete dedication and this is what an employer wants to see in your resume. Thus, sports is one of the best qualities employers love to see, as they want the same dedication and teamwork at the workplace.

Being a Part of these Firms Show-

  • Time management skills
  • Communication skills
  • Teamwork
  • Expand your knowledge
  • Hard or soft skills

Volunteering work

Volunteering is really like a job except that you are not paid for it.
Here, you not only demonstrate your passion, but you are also given some responsibilities and time limits to fulfill your purpose.
The recruiters will be happy to see if you have worked for humanity.
In this regard, it helps in your personal development.

Volunteering Work Demonstrates-

  • Self-esteem
  • Organizational skills
  • Motivation
  • Teamwork
  • Work ethics

Foreign Language

This is something that sometimes makes you the only reason to get into your dream work.
Jobs with foreign language skills often seem to have been paid on better and consistent growth.
Therefore, incorporating this skill into your resume separates you from other candidates.

Foreign Language Skills Show-

  • Hard work
  • Cultural awareness
  • Communication skills
  • Self-development

Peer Tutoring

Peer tutoring tells your hiring manager that you are an expert in a particular field. In addition, you are able to share that knowledge. In addition, it is the best way to help others.
Peer tutoring may be in school, college or any organization. It will serve as your work experience.
It is a difficult skill that is going to give a lot of value by the recruiter because it is difficult to find it in all the candidates.

Peer tutoring demonstrates-

  • Creative thinking skills
  • Flexibility
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Specific expertise

Foreign study

Studying abroad really adds value to your resume. Abroad, you come across new cultural values, different environments. Of course, you can adapt to the work environment of a place. Also, the hiring manager likes to see this extra activity when you resume.
So, studying abroad will let the recruiter know that you will be the right match for his company.

The Foreign Study will show-

  • Cultural knowledge
  • Adaptability
  • Soft skills
  • Independence
  • Knowledge of the foreign language
  • Interpersonal skills

Relevant Hobbies

Everyone has some hobbies and what if these hobbies can embellish your resume.
Of course, hobbies related to your job profile help to unload the job.
In addition, hobbies will show your real interest. This can make the recruiter guess whether you are a precise match for that particular task.
Moreover, the transferable activities of a candidate can be seen through his hobby.


Now, you have got the answer to what extracurricular on resume would sound ideal. firstly, you need to check which activities you possess. Then, find out for which job profile which activity would match. Finally, list out those extracurricular activities into your resume and that’s it. Also, if you want to make a resume online then, visit our site.

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Resume Sections and Categories- A complete Guide
Posted On 05/06/2020 07:32:54

When it comes to resuming. It needs to consider including what resumes sections and categories.

You may be aware of the fact that some of you have some skills, experience and respect. Whereas, some do not have any kind of skill and experience to start again.

If you don’t have too much room to resume, what would you do?

Here we will explain to you. What you can include in your resume to make it attractive.

This Article will Include

  • What are Mandatory resume sections that must be put in?
  • In what order, all sections of the resume should place?
  • What to Include in Resume Sections.
  • Conclusion

What are Mandatory Resume Sections that Must be Put in?

A standard Resume has Some Basic or Mandatory Sections to include.

These mandatory Resume categories include:

Contact Information

Resume or resume summary

Work Experience

Academic Section

Skills Section

In addition to these mandatory classes. There are some other optional sections that you can resume if used.

Optional Resume Sections Include-

  • Volunteer work
  • Certifications
  • Hobbies and interests
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Accomplishments
  • Languages
  • Training
  • Projects
  • Awards and Honors
  • Qualifications
  • Publications

Skills Further can be Categorized in Different Sections as Follows-

  • Personal skills
  • Technical skills
  • Computer skills
  • Management skills
  • Additional skills

In What Order, All Sections of the Resume Should Place?

Which section is somewhat an easy part to include in the resume. However, how to order different resume sections is a difficult task.

The sections ordered in the resume leave a good impression on the hiring manager, and that’s what they explore.

Some orders at a resume attract the attention of the employer.

So, you need to keep a balance and order yourself to resume and separate yourself from others.

Basic Order for Resume Sections-

  • Contact information
  • Resume objective
  • Experience
  • Certifications
  • Education
  • Skills
  • Additional Sections

It would be best to lead with your experience. If you are a regular job seeker with work experience.

But, if you have some kind of certification. Do not forget to add resume certification section and education section respectively.

If you’re a College Student, Your Resume Would Have Following Sections-

  • Contact Information
  • Resume Summary
  • Education Section
  • Experience or Internships
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Skills
  • Hobbies and Interests

Well, education will be your strongest thing. If you are a student or entry level candidate. If you have any work experience, it will come to another number.

Adding additional ideas, especially leadership is also a good idea. As leadership is the quality that the hiring manager looks at in a graduate.

Moreover, hobbies and interests show that you are a good fit for the company.

Therefore, you need to do research to get information about the company’s culture.

For Professional, the Resume would have Following Sections-

  • Contact information
  • Resume objective
  • Accomplishments and experience
  • Certifications if have
  • Education
  • Skills
  • Additional sections

As a professional, you have to list all sections in a standard order.

All your accomplishments should be added to your experience section.

As a Career Changer, Your Resume Sections would have the Following Sections-

  • Contact information
  • Resume objective
  • Relevant experience
  • Additional experience
  • Education
  • Skills
  • Additional sections

It’s not necessary that all your past jobs will match your new one. But if you had an impressive role, you can add that to your resume.

What to Include in Resume Sections

Well, now you have the answer to the question of what are the mandatory resume sections to resume.

Which order would be best for these resume classes?

Now, you need to understand what these resume classes should include. Like what should happen in the experience section and what should happen in the Skills section.

So, we will discuss to understand all the resume sections one by one. What information should be put in these sections?

Contact Information Section

Every resume will include contact information and, what should be included in the contact information.

Let’s answer that.

This section is never going to be long.

Contact information contains your name, phone number and email address.

In addition, you can also include social media addresses, licenses and other links.

Resume Summary and Resume Objectives

To resume the resume will add the summary. Whether you are a graduate or a professional.

Writing resume summaries will be best for professionals with job profession skills and other achievements.

For IT professionals, a profile section needs to be added.

The purpose of all others should be resumed.

Experience Section

This section includes the relevant jobs you have held, starting from the most recent situation and keeping them all in reverse-chronological order.

Keep your title, date, company name and its location.

Introduce all your duties, achievements and responsibilities in bullet points.

Education Section

First start with your degree with the passing date and then the other degree in reverse-chronological order.

Here, degree, major/major. Minor, name and location of the institute, add the type of year elapsed.

Certification Section

If you have both licenses and certificates, your section is called. “License and Certification Give title otherwise only  Certificate Add the title.

Add the name of the authentication and certifying entity with date and location.

Skills Section

Get job details and keep skills with some additional details as per the job offer.

Keep your strongest skills first and so on.

Hobbies and Interests Section

Here all you need to do is to check the company’s culture and match your interests with it.

Avoid adding weird hobbies that seem funny like religion, alcohol, etc.


It is seen that to make an effective resume not only all the mandatory sections are necessary. But, In what order they are placed and what to put in these sections also needs to concern. If you want to make a resume online then visit our site.

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Skills for Teacher Resume
Posted On 04/29/2020 07:05:52

There are some skills required for a teaching career that every teacher needs to have. After birth you may have some of these skills, but you have to undergo professional training. These skills include instructing students, preparing lessons, interacting with officers and parents. Objective achievements become impossible without these skills. These tasks come under a combination of hard skills and soft skills.

We will incorporate all these skills to resume the teacher in the coming paragraphs.You may be aware of the fact that school duration is considered the most powerful time for children’s cognitive development. In this regard, the teacher has the best role.Yes; A teacher is one who can not only get his students to study hard, but also put good habits in them.So, if you have these skills in your resume, you can stand out from other candidates on the list.

Here is the List of Top 7 Skills for Teacher Resume

Leadership Skills

This is one of the most sought-after skills for the teachers resume. It is necessary not only inside the classroom but also outside the classroom. For example, leadership quality is needed where the teacher will have to model the behaviour of the students. It is in this way that students learn general responsibility in their lives. Need to interact with other students, leaders and other students. Moreover, the quality of leadership in a teacher can increase promotion opportunities to higher positions.

Different Communication Aspects

This is another most important skill for the teachers resume. Teachers have to communicate with everyone in the school in many ways whether they are students or other employees. Therefore, for a teacher, it is necessary to communicate effectively so that the concept is understood.

Teachers have basically three types of communication-

Verbal Communication– It refers to the way in which teachers make their lessons, objectives, and any kind of their talk understandable to their students.

Non-verbal Communication– In this teacher communicate in a written form.  It comes when teachers write a progress report of the students and acknowledge student’s assignments.

Body Language– Certainly, this is a significant type of communication for the teachers. Straight standing, clear eye contact, and a soft smile on face showcase your confidence and enhances the engagement of students in the course.

Being Patient in all Situations

When it comes to writing a resume for a teacher, patience comes in the most skill for the teacher’s resume. Each class has different backgrounds, abilities and learning styles. In addition, some students may be in accordance with the teacher’s expectations, but there will be some who have different learning challenges and some bad behaviors. In this case, the teacher’s responsibility is to be patient and maintain a balance between his expectations and the different abilities of the students.

Critical Thinking Skill

If the teacher has important thinking skills, he should know the interests of his students. In this way, they can be sure whether the institution or working environment will help the student nurture their goal. For this, teachers should schedule meetings with parents to learn more about their students and for proper guidance for the knowledge of the children of the parents.

Organization Skill

Leadership is similar to skill and teacher is one of the best skills to resume. In addition to managing large classes in a school, a teacher has to organize different study materials, assignments and times for different classroom tests of students. In addition, good arrangement and easy access to pens, pencils, markers, books, and other study materials will not create any kind of distraction for students and will help run classroom sessions smoothly.

Time Management and Computer Skill

Both these skills should be kept in the teacher’s resume as per the requirement of time. The teacher needs extra time to schedule text, test or grade paper and sometimes need to buy stationery. Therefore, he has to work from home, and maintain a balance between work and personal life.In this digital age, computer skills have become the most important skills for teachers to resume. Since technology is being included in classes, study guidance, worksheet checks, text plans are performed on the computer, thus, computer proficiency becomes necessary for a teacher.

Conflict Resolver

A teacher should be a struggler when there are different agreements in the classroom. It is often seen that students have to share many cases such as books and struggle for relationships. In such situations, a teacher has an important role to play in listening to the views of the party and then come to an agreement.


Now, we are aware of different skills for teacher resume. Be sure to place these skills in your resume to make your resume apart from other candidates on the list and to earn this position. If you want to make a resume online visit our site.

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Impact of Coronavirus on Digital Marketing & E-commerce industry.
Posted On 04/15/2020 07:07:57
There should not be anyone who is not aware of the spread of a virus called COVID-19, where this virus is affecting personal life, there are other possibilities that cannot escape its harmful effects. On this page, we'll see what the main impact of coronavirus on digital marketing and e-commerce industry.
The article will contain:
  • Effects of coronavirus on the global economy
  • Different ways corona affecting digital world
  • Conclusion

Effects of Coronavirus on the Global Economy

A virus began to emerge in China and infect the whole world.
Coronavirus, an epidemic, has become an obstacle to the smooth running of ecommerce industries and digital ecosystems all over the world. Its devastating effects are largely seen in the world economy, stock markets, collective administration and other businesses.
No one knows how long this epidemic will last and, therefore, the extent to which the world will have to pay for it.
A major consequence of the corona epidemic is the low availability of products and services, resulting in a slowdown, mainly for those who depend on mass exports.
There will be a loss to the global economy that is projected in trillions due to the travel industry, trade lockdown and other closed services. A large number of employees working from home, growth in various online businesses, declines in export services are some of the common impact of coronavirus on e-commerce industry.

Different Ways Corona Affecting Digital World

Impact of coronavirus on Digital marketing & E-commerce industry are measured by several factors, which are as follows. 

Traffic Fluctuation in Most Industries:

What does traffic fluctuations mean when it comes to different industries?
Don't worry, the answer is just simple.
As it remains to be seen, most industries such as the travel industry, food market and other related services saw a tremendous decline, while media, financial services assessed impressive growth.
But, most shipping items are delayed because of COVID-19, which is certainly a major loss of these industries and is the result of low economic growth.

The Cashless Trend in E-commerce Business:

There is no doubt that the whole world is adopting a cashless payment system, which is an ideal approach to prevent the further spread of this epidemic. With the instructions given by who, people are avoiding making contacts and adopting cashless transactions. Although cashless payments were already in circulation, the outbreak of COVID-19 increases this trend rapidly.

Effects of Online Networking and Acceptance of Remote Work

Most technology-based companies have instructed their employees to work from home that will prevent this virus from spreading further and allow greater flexibility and efficiency. However, the power of decision-making, creativity that works in collaboration with people can be lost somewhere and therefore translate into the demand for in-person meetings.
The cancellation of conferences and many other industrial events resulted in loss of networking opportunities and disruption of distribution channels. After looking at the current situation, corporations are inclined towards the aspect of virtual conventions. However, virtual conferences are considered substandard options for in-person networking and live events. But because of the coronovirus, companies can take their content and format in another way. As a result, these virtual conferences will be regulated at a regular pace.

Corona vs. Online Retail, Marketing Allowance, and Search

It's hard to predict the impact of the corona on digital marketing and search activities because discovery is a kind of daily activity and the corona is never going to make any changes to it.
While it's not at all, there are some services and products. Which are being registered with very few searches such as hotels, airlines, some retail categories. This will affect various advertising methods and other paid searches and eventually marketers will have to change their budget criteria. The number of competitors is likely to be reduced as a result of curbs in online spending. In addition, marketers will inevitably face difficulty in maintaining demand.
In addition, the search query is speeding up a staggering height related to pharmaceutical and medical devices. In response to viruses  "Sanitizer And 0 "Face Mask Includes an array of searches such as keywords.
As a result, it is estimated that COVID-19 can promote online shopping. such as online grocery shopping, online streaming services and food delivery services. While physical working places can be damaged.


Increasing the death rate due to the corona virus is certainly a problematic situation that causes fear and unpredictability and needs to be dealt with carefully.
If coronavirus lasts for a longer time, certainly, smaller recession and downturn would have a devastating impact. Not only on physical retail stores but also on electronic business and global economy. A lockdown encouraging people ceasing from daily activities could be justified for public health purposes. But confusion regarding the uncertainty for businesses and the economy is something to consider about.Now, you would have understood what are the major impact of coronavirus on Digital marketing & E-commerce industry .

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Skills for Nursing Resume
Posted On 04/08/2020 08:15:03
The article will contain
  • Skills to have on your nursing resume.
  • Fundamental Skills for nursing resume irrespective of any position.
  • Skills for nursing resume according to position.
To be a nurse, there are some skills that one must have in a person. For example, nurses not only have good communication skills to get information from the patient, but they also need to be patient and kind to their patient and his family. First and foremost, hard skills and soft skills are some of the key skills for nursing resumes that include your relevant experience, critical thinking skills, leadership skills and many more that we will discuss later on this page.
Moreover, some common skills, a nursing resume, is required to have technical knowledge these days as hospitals have a database that needs to be updated by nursing staff.
Let’s take a look on some essential skills for nursing resume

Fundamental Skills to have on your Nursing Resume

Read a list below the most important skills to resume nursing that recruitment managers expect to be in good nurses. So, your first task is to enhance these skills and then list them in your job application so as to stand in line with other candidates.
In addition, there are some skills that are considered to be taking into account a particular situation, while others are regardless of any situation.

Skills for Nursing Resume Irrespective of any Position

Here’s a list of skills that do not depend on any position or level.

Communication Skills & Act of Kindness

This is a basic skill that each nurse must have because they have to communicate with doctors, staff members and patients as well as they are responsible for converting specific medical language into the language that patients can understand for English.
Having the experience of communicating with each person in a hospital of different backgrounds will double your chances of hiring.
In addition, you may have seen many patients and their loved ones who are not polite at all and get angry easily by looking at any sensitive situation. In a situation like this, it is the responsibility of a nurse to have mercy on them and to handle the situation without any discomfort and irritability.

Being Professional in All Instances and Proper Time Management

In addition, working with new patients each day can be some kind of irritable work and can cause discomfort, but it is necessary for a nurse to be professional and calm in every kind of situation. In addition, time management skills are indispensable for all medical staff in the health care sector, but, it is far more important for nurses. Additionally, it is a profession where you have to take care of proper time intervals, bed making, drip and evaluation of patients and many other related tasks in relation to the drug.

Logical Thinking Skills

Critical thinking is something that allows you to make logical decisions at an appropriate time. It would be best if you put to any situation where you have used your logic-based decision power and taken a step that provides you with a solution to deal with the problem and you have learned something good from that situation.
It is very important for the nursery profession to make the right decision at the right time using logical thinking skills.

Leadership Skills

As a nurse, you have to work with a team, so you have to have leadership skills. To make your restart attractive you can display any experience in which you may have used your leadership skills and led a certain number of people.
Your ability to lead the team is an important skill that the interviewer wants to see in your resume.

Clinical Nursing Skills

This is one of the most important skills to resume nursing. Diagnostic skills for a nurse are fundamental skills that will show your ability and experience in a medical stream.
For example, adherence to hygiene standards, making a proper bed for patients, giving patients an injection and examining their body temperature, blood pressure, etc. are some clinical nursing skills.
These types of skills fall under difficult skills and are important to resume as soft skills.

Skills for Nursing Resume According to Position

Along with above fundamental skills, a  specific and distinctive set of skills is also required for the nursing profession.

Skills for Registered Nurse

The main role of a registered nurse is to lead, supervise and communicate with its junior staff with all levels in a hospital. Some important roles are played by a registered nurse, an organization, has the ability to perform various clinical trials, giving direction to the drug, assisting physicians in many medical procedures.
One degree in the concerned field should be to play the role of a registered nurse.

Skills for Assistant Nurse

As an assistant nurse, you need to report to your senior nurse staff who work directly with doctors. At this time, achieving and adhering to their direction should be your primary concern and therefore, the emphasis on patient care, certification in CPR and first aid and related skills will make you the best for the job.

Skills for Nurse Practitioner

Due to the first need for a master's degree to be a nurse practitioner, the decision-making power, independent work with patients, knowledge and understanding of diseases and responsibilities in the form of their preventive measures are high.


After scrutinizing all the important skills for a nursing resume, it can be said that in addition to the fundamental skills. There are some specific set of skills for different nursing staff. If you want to make a resume online ready within 5-minutes, checkout our website.


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