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Passing the exam in a year
Posted On 05/16/2022 19:07:44

Passing the exam in a year

Retaking the exam in a year is allowed in any case: this is the inability to get into both the main and additional sessions, and dissatisfaction with scores in all disciplines, and those who “flunked” the main, reserve and autumn sessions. You need to apply for recertification before February 01 of the year in which the graduate is going to take the exam and indicate the disciplines that he is going to take. The application  is submitted at the registration points. They can be found on the city portal of the education department. You can take the exam in any city, it does not depend on the place of residence. The following documents are attached to the application:

  • passport;
  • insurance number of an individual insurance personal account;
  • a certificate from the hospital in the presence of health restrictions;
  • if available - a certificate of study at the college;
  • if available - school certificate;
  • statement of consent to the processing of personal data.

To obtain permission to retake the exam, you need to go to the specified address 14 days before certification. There will be issued a document with a personal number, as well as the date, time and address of the exam.

What should I do if I can't pass the exam?

First of all, do not get upset, but borrow a Western practice called "gapyear" - the year in which the graduate does not enter, but takes it as a break. A lot of graduates enter, and after that they are disappointed in their chosen specialty. A free year will give everything to think about, to understand whether it is necessary at all. In a year, you can definitely decide who you want to become in the future.

In a year, you can qualitatively prepare for the future exam, look like special preparatory courses or tutors, do everything to make the next exam session successful.

Also at this time you can relax, gain strength, get your first work experience (and maybe experience in different areas), go abroad and enjoy life.

A failed exam is nothing more than a temporary nuisance and room for something new. Because of this, it is definitely impossible to refuse the profession of a dream.

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