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POSTED BY: Cyberbeauty on 06/08/2022 19:20:00

I'm in big trouble. And I need money urgently. I don't know what to do. I just have a terrible credit history, all the banks I have applied to have rejected my applications. I'm just terrified.

POSTED BY: Memories on 06/08/2022 19:55:36

Well, let's think logically. If you have a bad credit history, then you need to target banks for customers with bad credit history. Have you tried googling that? I know these guys deal with such clients , you can go to them. But in general, I suggest you do something with your life, because it's not good if you even get rejected by banks.

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POSTED BY: Dzhizus on 06/08/2022 20:52:39

Well, how did you manage to get into such an ass? God, I've always been amazed by people who lose their lives. How did you get to this?

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