LUXURY Richard Mille RM 16-01 Automatic Reglisse watch Review
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Richard Mille richard mille watch price is no slacker when it comes to passionate creative design and materials (although it's a young year, it's probably underrated). However, in breaking new ground for this particular watch, it has formed partnerships with the Swiss watchmaker, McLaren, the famous British formula one carmaker, and Nobel prize-winning scientists at the University of Manchester. Their product combines titanium, carbon TPT(thin layer technology) and Richard Mille's unique and obvious watchmaking process :Graph TPT, or graphene, is six times lighter and 200 times stronger than steel. It is at the forefront of material research, setting the standard for lightweight strength.

Including the strap, this is the total weight of Richard Mille's new RM 50-03 McLaren F1 watch, making it the world's lightest time meter ever with a flywheel. Well, yes -- it's not exactly a hyper-competitive category -- heck, RM 50-03 is a true anchor compared to the groundbreaking 19-gram RM 027 tourbillon Richard miller for rafael nadal, but by comparison, it's a simpler watch. When you look at how much weight Richard miller's latest miracle contains, just 40 grams is still an impressive technical feat. What's the price of a 40 gram watch miracle? Seven digits.

The Richard miller RM 50-03 McLaren F1 watch is the first completed collaboration between Richard miller and McLaren, which should be on a 10-year contract, as we reported a year ago.

Frankly, the partnership makes sense - founder Richard miller is not only a true fan of petrol and formula one, but both brands are at the forefront of development and design to push the limits of their respective replica swiss watches fields.

Speaking of pushing the Richard Mille RM 16-01 Automatic Reglisse limits, this is exactly what the Richard miller RM 50-03 McLaren F1 does -- it's clearly not a watch for everyone, as its wild design and eye-popping price immediately confirmed. But for those who appreciate the amount of research and development that goes into each Richard Mille watch, there's a lot to like -- starting with the unique three-piece design. Now, we've seen some very light cases in RM studio -- after all, it's a hallmark of the brand, and this collaboration is no different. As mentioned earlier, the classic tonneau-shaped shell contains three material technologies, including grade 5 titanium, and the subtly textured carbon TPT, whose wavy "particles" are now a regular fixture on Richard Mille's workbench. Richard thousand RM 50-03, however, the McLaren F1 McLaren paved the way for cooperation, increase the graphene equation .

However, the real secret to the watch's surprisingly light weight, relative to its complexity, is its movement, which weighs just 7 grams and includes a minute chronograph, tourbillon, power reserve and torque sensor (the time on the dial is 12 o 'clock).

here, the formation of carbon border of the ups and downs and caseback is, in fact, in 600 by the parallel layer (30 microns thickness), with reinforced injection graphene - a revolutionary nano materials, as mentioned earlier, is lighter than steel, more flexible. Of course, the limitless possibilities of making composites lighter and stronger than steel or carbon fibre in F1 cars have made McLaren an industry leader in graphene research and industrial applications, which makes the partnership with skull richard mille watche highly accidental for the Swiss watchmaker.

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