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Coaxial escapement richard mille sapphire watch price? Coaxial escapement watch? Coaxial escapement watch is now the fashion choice, the performance is more outstanding, but there are many people do not understand the coaxial escapement watch, let us look together Look.
Coaxial escapement watch price? How about the coaxial escapement watch? The escapement mechanism is the heart of the mechanical watch. The escapement wheel drives the pallet fork one by one to complete the action of locking, transmitting and releasing, and transmitting the power. For the balance wheel, the time of the balance is completed to achieve the speed regulation. It can be said that the accuracy of the mechanical watch has the greatest correlation with the escapement.

What is coaxial escapement?
For more than 250 years, the watch industry has relied on a lever-type escapement, which we call the “Swiss lever escapement”, and this “standard” escapement has many drawbacks. The lever escapement system generates a large amount of sliding friction during operation. This problem is due to its design flaws. However, the friction will inevitably lead to wear and will cause additional pressure on the various mechanical components, which inevitably causes serious losses. In the field of richard mille replica watchmaking, especially for precision mechanical watchmaking, the impact of sliding friction on the watch's travel performance, movement performance, accuracy and maintenance cycle must not be underestimated.

In 1999, this watch released the famous coaxial escapement system, which not only brought a stunning new technology to the world, but also opened up a real innovation in the field of mechanical watchmaking. this watch's coaxial escapement technology allows the watch to maintain higher accuracy over a longer period of time, a challenge that has been considered by the industry to be impossible. The coaxial technology effectively reduces the friction between the main components of the escapement system, thus greatly extending the maintenance cycle of the watch.
Before this watch introduced the Co-Axial escapement to the market in 1999, its inventor, British legendary watchmaker George Daniel, worked closely with watch experts from the this watch and Swatch Group's technical departments to make coaxial technology. Finally, it meets the needs of the quantitative production of the watch industry. As Mr. George Daniel said, for centuries, countless master watchmakers have sought to solve the problem of sliding friction between watch components and improve the performance of the watch. The innovative coaxial technology has undoubtedly led to the real innovation of the mechanical watch industry.

The system consists of people from multiple parts of the replica watches uk watch circle, including manufacturing, patent examination, sales, experienced players, and friends of digital media. After a long discussion and discussion, a quantitative evaluation system was initially established. After internal testing, it is found that at least the comparison of different models at the same price has a certain reference value. A recognized advantage of quantitative assessment is that even for experienced players, this system forces you to review the specifications of the watch product one by one to arrive at an objective conclusion.

After discussion and network interaction by the expert group, everyone formed the following consensus:
The score of the three questions should be twice the score of the second question. The big self-sounding (actually big and small self-sounding + three questions) is three times that of the three questions.
The score of the big self-sounding watch was changed to 35 points.
The ladder relationship of high complexity functions is determined.

Introduced a new movement 32-650 HGS PS, which was developed by the in-house R&D workshop for four years. It can store the energy required for the instantaneous jump display and accurately synchronize the time-division and second-second instantaneous jump display. . With this device, Patek Philippe applied for three patents. These fascinating and versatile features are extremely time consuming to produce, as evidenced by the 438 polished finishes in this exquisite 32-650 HGS PS movement.

The new replica swiss watches is based on Ref.3969(L), which was released in 1989 with a limited-time model with a jump. The picture shows that the price of Andigulun was 35,000 US dollars a few days ago, and the high estimate is 38,000 US dollars.

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