Jacob & Co ASTRONOMIA DRAGON AT125.80.DR.SD.B watch Replica
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Replica Jacob & Co ASTRONOMIA DRAGON AT125.80.DR.SD.B watch

Brand: Jacob & Co
Type: Jacob & Co. Grand Complication Masterpieces
Model: AT125.80.DR.SD.B
Movement: manual widing
Case material: Rose Gold
Case size: 50 x 25.45 mm
Gender: men
Glass: Sapphire
Bracelet: Leather
Glass: Sapphire
Quality: Japanese AAA
Clasp: Folding clasp
Water resistance: Water Resistant
Functions: hour, minute, tourbillon

quality swiss replica watches (7) When you receive a beloved watch, when you remove the outer packaging, you must keep the box for the protective watch. These boxes for protecting watches can give the watch the safest protection when it is not worn properly, to prevent the watch from being broken or being bumped, so it is absolutely necessary to keep the box, and it is recommended that when not wearing the watch on weekdays. Forming habits into the box can greatly reduce the chance of damage to the watch.(8) It is best not to wear the same watch every day. You should prepare several different watches to use alternately. In addition to enriching your personal style, you can also avoid dust and body scale from being concentrated on the same watch. For the leather strap, care must be taken to avoid frequent wear and tear on the strap, so even if the surface is new, the watch will look very old.(9) Put the watch on your wrist and sleep. If the watch is a luminous watch, it will have a negative impact on the body. This is because the pointer of the luminous table and the luminescent material coated on the dial are mainly a mixture of radium and zinc sulfide. The radiation emitted by radium can excite the zinc sulfide crystal to emit light. When sleeping, if the watch is worn, the human body will suffer eight The nine-hour radium radiation is harmful to the human body. Therefore, before going to bed, it is best to take the luminous table and put it on the table.(10) The table was refurbished. After the watch has been marked with a lot of lines, you can drop one or two drops of water on the surface of the watch, then squeeze a little bit of toothpaste to remove the scratches and make the watch look like new.The case or strap is like a close-fitting clothing. It is directly in contact with human skin. If it is not cleaned, it will easily stain the cuffs of the clothes.

It is also easy to cause itchy skin and skin allergies. Therefore, it is necessary to keep it clean. When you remove the watch, lightly wipe the body, strap and buckle with a soft cloth to lengthen the life of the watch. How to maintain the watch?(1) When wearing a watch, the sweat on the hand is corrosive to the case. The all-steel case is made of nickel-chromium alloy, which has better corrosion resistance. The semi-steel case is copper. It is in contact with sweat for a long time and is easy to corrode. Always use a soft cloth to wipe off the sweat or put on a plastic watch to prevent it from being eroded by sweat.(2) Do not open the back cover of the watch at will, so as to prevent dust from entering the movement and affecting the normal operation of the watch.(3) Do not put the watch in a wardrobe with mothballs to avoid deterioration of the oil.(4) Do not place the watch on the amplifier, stereo, or TV to avoid magnetization.

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