How to perform a Back-link Audit Manually
Posted On 03/12/2019 02:19:25 by davidluthian

You have got a crazy lot of back-links and you just don't know how to get rid of them. Don't worry, because it is a very common situation and most SEO experts have to start with this method before they can actually hope to put some sense within a site. You don't really have a software program out there which is efficient enough to judge good link from a bad link. Thus, in all probability you would have to get down hands-on into the job and remove all the back-links as soon as possible. The good news is that the audit can be performed manually, even though it is one job that SEO professionals choose to avoid.

Using link datasets is the best way to deal with the problem. The top four datasets that can be used for the purpose include Google Search Console, Majestic, Moz and Ahrefs.

The first step

The first step is the most crucial where one needs to draw data from the four sources. There are selective methods of data extraction from the four datasets and they are pretty easy. You can search through the top forums for tutorials and you would get to know about the step-by-step methods of data extraction from the sources.

Data conditioning

Now getting all the back-links into a single list is the job that has to be carried out. This will give you an idea about the duplicate which you can easily filter out. Each spreadsheet is different and it is important to take a look at each of them.

Google search console - The Search Console has two spreadsheets offered. All you have to do is open them and copy all the URLs in the first columns of the new spreadsheet after removing the header rows.

Majestic - Here, the link source could be found in column B. All these links have to be copied into the same spreadsheet where the search console links have been copied. The Majestic data must now be entered directly below the Search console data in column A.

Ahrefs - They put the source URL in column D. You have to copy them all in the same column A.

Moz - It puts the source URL in Column A. All these links should be put in the previous spreadsheet under its column A.

This way you can have all the back-links under a single category. Now, you will have to simply select the "Data" on Column A and go for the "Remove Duplicates" option. This would instantly remove all the duplicate links that were creating all the trouble. The next steps of removing back-links would become easier for you, if you are working with any reputed application from the web. 

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