This is just too high for the current Super Bowl
Posted On 10/05/2023 02:12:53 by Nfkjasfas

This is just too high for the current Super Bowl champions. The Eagles are very hot at the moment, and for whatever reason Mut 24 Coins, they perform best when they are under Nick Foles. I know Foles has some banged up ribs, but I'm betting that he'll play well. The Eagles have an excellent offensive line that can physically compete and with Bears defence, specifically with Lane Johnson versus Khalil Mack.


Another reason I prefer the Eagles to defend the run is Mitchell Trubisky, who's so constantly up and down. The Eagles may have a weak secondary, but they'll be able to stop the run, something I expect the Bears will try to establish before. I think Bears will prevail, but the Eagles are going to win.


The Colts are better than the Texans. They are 8th in the team DVOA as the Texans place 11th. More specifically, the Colts are 10th in offensive and defense. The Texans are 21st and 7th in both of those areas, respectively.


Colts have won nine of their last 10. Colts were able to win nine out of the last 10 games, with a recent win in Houston. In their first encounter with the Colts fell short in a final game in overtime , but they were a much different team. Andrew Luck is better than Deshaun Watson. The Colts have the best offensive line. However, while the Texans have much better receivers, I'm of the opinion that the Colts pass rush might bother Watson enough that he's unable to be as efficient.


I believe that the Cowboys are better suited to win this game than I initially thought a few weeks ago. They play better at home, and have an aggressive pass defense and can also run the football. Also, the Seahawks. They'll play ball control and also try running the ball Madden 24 Coins Cheap. Seattle is seventh in points per drive. Meanwhile, the Cowboys are 17th. Both defenses permit nearly the same defense point per driving. So give me this one to the Seahawks here.

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