Snyder had a meeting together with Madden NFL 23 director Roger Goodell
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Snyder had a meeting together with Madden NFL 23 director Roger Goodell on Tuesday to discuss the controversy surrounding the name Madden 23 Coins, but there is no indication that there was anything new learned from the meeting. The league has announced publicly that it is not going to force Snyder to alter the team's name, but Snyder the Redskins owner is still insisting that the name's significance is not lost.


The Jacksonville Jaguars are trying to complete the 2013 season and remain in play in search of one of the top quarterbacks expected to enter the draft. It appears that for the time being, the team's hopes of scoring offensively will rest on the shoulders of Chad Henne, who will begin against Tennessee Titans. Tennessee Titans following the team's bye week.


Henne has replaced an injured, but ineffective Blaine Gabbert and hasn't fared much better than he did last seasonHe's thrown for 1.450 yards as well as three touchdowns, and five interceptions in his five games.


The undefeated Chiefs didn't trade on the day of the deadline, but did make a roster change -- Kansas City released 27-year-old tight end Kevin Brock.


Brock's roster space can be filled in by Anthony Fasano, who had suffered an injury. Brock received three passes for 36 yards this year in an occupancy that rotates.


The Madden NFL 23 is shopping the rights of Thursday Night Football and could divide them between two or three Buy Mut 23 Coins, television networks in 2016. According to John Ourand of SportsBusinessDaily.

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