The new owners seem to like making splashes in order to impress
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The #Broncos have signed a deal with Packers OC Nathaniel Hackett to make the team's new head coach according to sources.Contract talks heated up Wednesday night Madden 23 Coins. The #Jaguars are planning to meet with Hackett for a second time today. In the end, Denver is the team's top selection.


So now we have more than two decades of speculation of Rodgers heading to Denver, then the team hires one of the players he admires to head the team. In the final straw, there is this casual announcement from a couple of weeks ago that the Broncos were interviewed by Luke Getsy, the Packers coach of the passing game.


It's obvious that a lot of teams will be watching the Packers as a good example and get their feet wet on their coaches due to their recent achievement. Therefore, it's possible for this to be an unintentional coincidence, but it's also an assortment of coincidences that give the idea some credence. What's the question how does this scenario make sense for anyone? That's where this scenario gets slightly more complicated.


The reason this is logical for everyone in the process


The Broncos are currently in the middle of a new ownership transition, the new owner of the team seemingly being announced any day now. The team said it would make announcements about ownership changes following the hiring of a new head coach, meaning it could theoretically happen at any time today.


The new owners seem to like making splashes in order to impress them with the community. There are two possible names to be included in the sale: Robert F. Smith, an equity-focused CEO from Denver, and a rumored ownership group involving John Elway Cheap Mut 23 Coins. In either case there would be an enormous amount of goodwill to the organization if Broncos can recreate their short run featuring Peyton Manning and win another Super Bowl with an aging QB -- and to this goal, Rodgers would be perfect for the job.

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