Avoid 5 major mistakes while taking care of your ESA cat
Posted On 02/10/2023 12:25:47 by marywill12

Everyone loves and adores their emotional support animals but taking care of them can be challenging. You might be trying your best to take care of your esa letter online but chances are that you might still be making some mistakes.

You feel calm and loved with your emotional support animals around but you also have to look after your ESA. Also, don’t forget to get an emotional support animal letter from your psychologist or counselor to safely house your ESA cat. I know you are doing all you can for your ESA cat but there are some mistakes that you might be making without even realising it.

I will help you identify your mistakes so you can avoid them. I will share a list of mistakes you can avoid and look after  your ESA cat in the best way.

So let’s get started! Here are the top 5 mistakes to avoid when taking care of your ESA cat.



  •     Don’t let your cat roam around freely!



You might allow your cat to roam around freely in the street and the neighborhood like most cat lovers do but I would recommend strictly against it. Most veterinarians and cat behavior experts in the US suggest that you keep your cats indoors. There are a number of reasons for keeping your pet indoors.  To ensure their safety, you should always keep them indoors and optimize the indoor environment. This is because your cat might be poisoned accidentally or purposely by someone, it can get injured or killed in a road accident or get eaten by a coyote or a dog when roaming about freely. Having an esa letter for housing will allow you to keep your cat indoors but it would not ensure the safety of your cat when it goes out. So, allowing your cat to move around freely will likely shorten its lifespan.

You can enhance the quality of life of your cat living indoors by providing it with toys, catios, and trees while keeping it under observation. You can also use cat fencing to ensure that your cat is safe in your outdoor space and by looking out for predators yourself.



  •     Do not frighten your cat!



If you hurt your cat, push them, punish them or hit them, it will create a negative impression of you. Hurting your cat will severely damage your relationship with your cat. If you scare or punish your cat, it will lead your cat to avoid interacting with you.

So, if you want to build a positive relationship with your cat, you should try to encourage it with praise and treats. You may also want to avoid rude behavior because your behavior might trigger stress in the cat which is linked to illness.

Cats like to have a relaxed and predictable environment around them to be relaxed and stress-free. Ensuring that your cat is happy and stress-free will also make you happier.



  •     Never overfeed your cat!



You definitely love your ESA cat a lot and you want to take care of it but you do not want to overfeed it. Many people over-feed their cats because it’s a way of showing love, but it does not work that way.

The more you feed your cat, the fatter they will get. Keeping your cat's weight under control is very important. If you show your love by feeding your cat a lot, it would make your cat miserable. It would get fat, lethargic, and would die earlier.

Let me give you an example of how this makes your cat miserable. If your cat becomes overweight, it is more likely to develop feline arthritis which would make it difficult for it to walk. Similarly, feline diabetes can make caring for the animal really difficult and people have to resort to getting their cat euthanized.

You can consult with a specialist regarding the strategies that you may use to avoid overfeeding your ESA. People frequently adopt an ESA dog or an esa letter cat but each animal has different needs that you should consider. You should mostly practice saying no to your pet and take steps to ensure that your cat is healthy. Cats are less active than dogs so you have to monitor their food intake carefully.



  •     Don’t use products made for other pets!



You should know that many products made for dogs or other pets cannot be used for your cats and they may even kill your cat. You cannot use aspirin, Tylenol or flea control products that are made for dogs to treat your cat as it can be harmful.

You should always check that all the products you use are safe to use for cats. For example, ensure that all plants in your house are safe for cats. Moreover, some products may not be safe for your kitten so check that as well. You can use different  websites to find out which products are unsafe for cats. If you are confused about anything, always ask your vet for guidance.



  •     Don’t ignore the litter box!



Cleaning the litter box is no fun activity but it is an essential task that you must complete for the wellbeing of your cat.

If you do not clean and maintain the litter box, your cat would probably not use it. Checking it daily will help you understand if your cat is displaying any signs of illness and how to get an esa.  


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