Elements of the Ph.D. Thesis Concept
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The concept of a PhD dissertation can be considered as a kind of scientific work. Despite the small form, it is not so easy to prepare it. Writing will require a solid intellectual effort. Like other scientific works, the concept is prepared according to certain rules and requirements. The text must follow the structure. The material itself is written, reflecting in it several important aspects.




The relevance of the research is understood as its compliance with general scientific, fundamental or applied tasks that face a certain branch of knowledge. In practice, this means that the Ph.D. thesis should be of any benefit to science or practice, the activities of specialists in the field. For example, doctors, engineers or programmers, etc.


The relevance of a PhD dissertation is not enough just to declare. A deep assessment of the situation in the economy, the scientific industry is required in order to carefully substantiate the need for one's own research and research work. Relevance and description in the dissertation take up to 2 pages of text. In the concept, it should be reflected in full, albeit in a concise form. To formulate the relevance and justify it is one of the most difficult tasks in preparing the material.


Goals and objectives of the dissertation


The objectives of the research are the results that the author of the scientific work wants to achieve. As a rule, we are talking about describing phenomena, identifying patterns, etc. There may be several goals, depending on the subject and volume of the PhD thesis.


Tasks, in turn, are specific steps that the author of a scientific work takes in order to achieve the goal, the result. There are usually several tasks. Most often, their formulations are the titles of paragraphs of the PhD dissertation. The concept allows at an early stage to formulate both the goals and objectives of the study.


Object and subject of scientific research


An object is understood as a certain area that is included in the branch of knowledge and acts as a large structural unit of the scientific branch. For example, the object could be American fiction or Silver Age poetry. Or financial institutions of a certain region of the country.


The subject, in turn, is a narrower concept. It reflects the individual aspects of the object. When analyzing any object, you can find from several to dozens of items that can become the basis for research. Both the subject and the object must clearly fit both in the dissertation itself and in the concept of the candidate's work.


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