Even if there is no intention to participate in a competition
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Even if there is no intention to participate in a competition, training up a competitive team of Pokémon can be a rewarding experience. It takes a long time to build from scratch, even longer if the intention is to get a shiny. It's a fun post-game sort of personal challenge that includes a lot of breeding, training, and trading to get just the right combination of moves, stats, and abilities in the perfect Pokémon, not to mention a whole team's worth.


The magic of Wonder Trade was introduced to Pokemon Trainers in Generation VI and VII. This nifty little feature allowed Trainers from all over the world to randomly trade with each other using Nintendo WiFi. For many Pokemon fans, this sounded like a dream come true. However, like many things, the reality of Wonder Trade was far less wonderful than many might have expected.


To put together a group of competitive Pokemon, trainers will need to know about checking IVs and breeding Pokemon at Daycares. Creating a team worthy of a Pokemon master starts with knowing how to make eggs that produce the exact Pokemon they want. Adding onto the complexity, it goes even further in order to breed Pokemon with hidden abilities, normally unlearn-able moves, and the highest stats possible for its kind. To that end, finding a Ditto is a boon for the breeding efforts of any aspiring trainer and in-game, trainers can even obtain a 6 IV Ditto for their efforts.Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl


A 6 IV Ditto cannot be caught the same way players catch a normal Ditto normal version can. Instead, trainers will need to acquire this special version through raid battles. The raid spot located at the Stony Wilderness section of the Wild Area can spawn Dittos and if the light coming from the well is purple, the Pokemon inside is guaranteed to be Ditto.


If there is no raid going on, trainers can buy a Wishing Piece for 3000 Watts at the nearby Watts Trader. By doing so, trainers can force a Ditto raid to spawn by first saving before using their Wishing Pieces. Trainers should turn off auto save and set text speed to slow while getting ready to immediately press home the moment they use the Wishing Piece. If the light coming from the den is purple, load back in and fight the raid. If the color is red, try again by closing and restarting the game.

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