There are some extra flourishes to the system too
Posted On 09/29/2021 01:49:15 by Timmy2001

There are some extra flourishes to the system too - as you would hope, existing trophies from PS4 transition seamlessly onto PlayStation 5 and I noticed them start to pop in sequence as soon as I entered gameplay (with that said, this Tweet thread explains how some trophies need to be re-earned). The import system is also careful to warn you that imported data will overwrite any existing save games you may have, and it offers you the chance to opt out of erasing standard single-player and Legends mode progress. In terms of limitations with the system, users still need to import PS4 data into the PS5 save area - it looks like PS5 titles can read PS4 data, but can't write it. A more seamless solution - to automatically import from cloud storage - also seems to have been a 'no brainer' function that has not been implemented. In this sense, Microsoft's smart delivery system, offering seamless interchange of data between generations, does still seem to be the more robust solution.


So going forward with other games, we should expect to see a smoother transition of save data between the generations, and there's also the hope that older cross-gen titles might be updated to include this functionality. Just to sound a note of caution here though: as far as we are aware, this ability to access PS4 save data is a function of the system software meaning that games would need to be updated to the new SDK and patched. With that in mind, there's the sense that this functionality is a somewhat late to the party, but on the flip side, it's great to see actual progress here in making what is likely to be an extended cross-gen period more easy for users and developers to handle.PlayStation Games Cheat


What this means is that players wanting to go through Doom Eternal on the PS5 with all of its new upgrades are going to have to start everything over. While this certainly isn't idea, players could try and find the silver lining that it gives them a reason to play through a phenomenal game again. Bethesda, Sony, and id Software have not made any comments about why this feature is missing from the PS5 version of the game, but fans have some theories of their own.

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