After the vast success of Forza Horizon 4
Posted On 09/18/2021 05:44:15 by Timmy2001

After the vast success of Forza Horizon 4, the franchise has gained a ton of new players across the globe. Thanks to Xbox Game Pass, even the ones who aren’t ready to spend $60 on the game, are now able to try it out without additional costs. The community keeps growing each year and it simply doesn’t stop increasing! As we’re approaching the release of Forza Horizon 5, fantastic news is dropping frequently, including parts of the coming car roster.


Recently, the Twitter page of Forza Support came with less fantastic news for loyal fans as the Forza Hub will retire and no longer reward anyone. In other words, being a loyal player won’t reward you in any way because it “unbalances” the progression for players. Some used this feature as a primary in-game income because it provided up to 500,000 in-game credits each week for every Forza title on Xbox FH5 Credits


The consequence for long-term players is that they cannot transfer any liveries from previous titles containing such symbols. It’s unclear how restricted the paint shop will be in the future, but Playground Games takes a different approach these days, and the odds of more symbols being banned is high. Thus, even more liveries may not be transferred from older titles, affecting long-term players who created these designs a long time ago. I have old Forza designs back from 2016 when Forza Horizon 3 came out. Importing the liveries to Horizon 4 might be a risk if anyone notices them and report them to Playground Games. Now I’m forced to redesign, which is a little shame because publishing designs in the paint shop provided you with in-game credits as well. 

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