Play it to complete getting it to meseta pso2
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Subclasses will stop leveling at level 55, meaning you will want to swap it and play it to complete getting it to meseta pso2 level 75 on their own. This is sometimes done at the ability counter at the lobby. Your Ability Tree will be saved, and therefore don't worry about ruining your primary class, and you'll be able to save out your load to easily change equipment. If you are switching between courses, such as a ranged course to a one, it is best to have a mag so you don't lose out on stats.


Obtaining a subclass means a skill tree, which can help your principal course. Another reason is to gain additional stat bonuses. Generally, a class that is most important receives 20 percent of a subclass's stats. But at maximum level, you receive a class name that, when equipped, supplies an stat boost. Every class has a name, so consider maxing out another class, if there's specific stats you need. You're able to level another classes just for fun also. So it is possible to level them all on one personality skill Trees and class levels are retained. You can stick with courses that work to your present mag, if you do not need to buy an additional mag for the stat changes.


You might have noticed class trainers have a pursuit which needs class. At par 75, the experience bar keeps moving, but instead of leveling up, you acquire an Ex-Cube for your course. There are four total skill point quests requiring differing amounts of class Ex-Cubes each time. It is going to allow you to squeeze damage on these Urgent Quests, although it is a good deal of work.


 If you've visited the buy Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta Swap Shop via the seller and not the menu, you may have noticed there's an choice to trade class Ex-Cubes for things as well. The vendor is located to the left of where Quna retains her concerts.

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