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However, at maximum level, you receive a class title that, when armed, provides an account-wide stat boost. Every class has a title, so if there consider maxing out a course that is different. You're able to PSO2 Meseta level another classes just for fun too. So it's possible to level them all skill Trees and course levels are retained. You are able to stick with courses that work to your mag, if you don't want to obtain an additional mag for the stat changes.


You might have noticed class trainers have a pursuit which needs course. At par 75, the encounter bar keeps going, but rather than leveling up, you gain an Ex-Cube to your class. There are four skill point quests requiring quantities of course Ex-Cubes every moment.


 It will allow you to squeeze damage on these Urgent Quests, although it's a lot of work. If you've visited the Swap Shop via the vendor and not the menu, then you might have noticed there's an option to trade class Ex-Cubes for things too. The seller is situated to the left of where Quna retains her concerts.


A few great endgame equipment can be bought from vendors like Zig or the Ex-Cube gal, but these require you to cheap Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta gather specific currency from fighting bosses or conducting certain quests. This is achieved at maximum level by running something. But you may be missing out on some great gear from more challenging modes. Based upon your course, it may be easy or difficult to acquire the very best equipment, so be certain to check.

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