Resume Format PDF or Document: How to Choose the Best Resume File Format
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Every applicant has a question whether they should send their resume as a resume pdf format or simply a word file.

You might understand that there is a big difference between PDF or Document file format.

If not, do not worry.

We will let you know how to choose a file format for your document.

Yes, the accurate file format of a resume definitely compels a hiring manager in order to open it.

Which One is Better: Word or PDF

Although choosing a file format seems a very simple task, it's as important as creating a resume.

For a job, a company gets about 300 resumes. Thus, the software is used to sort those resumes.

This software is called ATS (applicant tracking system).

Resume based on the keywords described in the ATS job description. This is how ATS resumes based on relevance.

If you have put all the things right in your resume, such as skills, then your resume will get the first rank.

Therefore, you need to resume your by adding keywords to make sure your resume selection.

Do you understand the meaning of the above lines?

If not, I will inform you about it.

Well, this simply means that 100 are going to resume that will not face the recruits.

The hiring manager will select only the top-ranked resume for the interview.

Where Does File Formatting Work for your Resume?

ATS software cannot read special formatting. For example, some older versions of the ATS software were not able to read the resume PDF format.

Here, you need to make sure you have an ATS-friendly resume template.

Scanning through ATS

Of course, most big companies use certain types of software. And, this software scans your resume.

You will have filled any application form online and then attached your resume. This is where the ATS software works.

In addition, a large firm with several employees will process the resume of candidates through ATS.

Although small enterprises are less likely to use this software, this trend is changing at a much faster pace in the world of this day and age.

The strategy will be similar to the software's past in every case:

The resume matches the job description.

Best keywords for resumes.

Formatting of resumes to avoid its rejection.

Before proceeding, you need to check if your PDF file is ok. For this, copy and paste on a text. If your computer doesn't have any problems reading that text, there's no problem.

How to Choose Resume File Format: PDF or Word

So, which is the best resume format. Word or PDF.

No one is better than the other. Choosing a file format really depends on how a company wants you to apply for a job.

So, your first task comes to check whether the company has any demand for guidelines on the format of the resume.

If the job description gives you some specific instructions, follow them and all you have to do is do it for the format.

However, if you haven't been given any kind of instructions, save your file in multiple formats so you can choose and send the demand format at any time.

Here are the Merits and Demerits of using PDF and Word file format.

Merits of Resume Format PDF

Anyone can open the resume format PDF on their computer.

This ensures that formatting won't be messed up when someone opened.

More creative freedom.

Demerits of Resume Format PDF

Some ATS software has a problem reading resume format PDF.

For ATS, it's hard to read graphics or images in a resume.

Merits of Word Resume Format

Most companies prefer plain and simple documents.

ATS software can easily read a word file format.

Demerits of Word Resume Format

Formatting can be messed up when you resume.

The section of the resume can be easily changed or removed.

It does not have creative flexibility.

Why it is Important to Send your Resume Format PDF

Sending your resume as a PDF file is a great idea because this format will open on the hiring managers' screen as you created it.

But, if a recruiter tries to resume the word format, it can mess up the drafting as a rearrangement of words or accidental removal of text.


It says that saving a resume format PDF would be a good idea other than saving as a word document. But if you have instructions,  simply follow them. If you want to make a resume online then visit our site.

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This article guides us about how to choose the best format for our resume file. I personally think that adobe pdf is the best format in this regard but students can check reviewsto manage their task. Thanks sharing more and more content with us. We always support your positive gestures.

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