Resume Sections and Categories- A complete Guide
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When it comes to resuming. It needs to consider including what resumes sections and categories.

You may be aware of the fact that some of you have some skills, experience and respect. Whereas, some do not have any kind of skill and experience to start again.

If you don’t have too much room to resume, what would you do?

Here we will explain to you. What you can include in your resume to make it attractive.

This Article will Include

  • What are Mandatory resume sections that must be put in?
  • In what order, all sections of the resume should place?
  • What to Include in Resume Sections.
  • Conclusion

What are Mandatory Resume Sections that Must be Put in?

A standard Resume has Some Basic or Mandatory Sections to include.

These mandatory Resume categories include:

Contact Information

Resume or resume summary

Work Experience

Academic Section

Skills Section

In addition to these mandatory classes. There are some other optional sections that you can resume if used.

Optional Resume Sections Include-

  • Volunteer work
  • Certifications
  • Hobbies and interests
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Accomplishments
  • Languages
  • Training
  • Projects
  • Awards and Honors
  • Qualifications
  • Publications

Skills Further can be Categorized in Different Sections as Follows-

  • Personal skills
  • Technical skills
  • Computer skills
  • Management skills
  • Additional skills

In What Order, All Sections of the Resume Should Place?

Which section is somewhat an easy part to include in the resume. However, how to order different resume sections is a difficult task.

The sections ordered in the resume leave a good impression on the hiring manager, and that’s what they explore.

Some orders at a resume attract the attention of the employer.

So, you need to keep a balance and order yourself to resume and separate yourself from others.

Basic Order for Resume Sections-

  • Contact information
  • Resume objective
  • Experience
  • Certifications
  • Education
  • Skills
  • Additional Sections

It would be best to lead with your experience. If you are a regular job seeker with work experience.

But, if you have some kind of certification. Do not forget to add resume certification section and education section respectively.

If you’re a College Student, Your Resume Would Have Following Sections-

  • Contact Information
  • Resume Summary
  • Education Section
  • Experience or Internships
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Skills
  • Hobbies and Interests

Well, education will be your strongest thing. If you are a student or entry level candidate. If you have any work experience, it will come to another number.

Adding additional ideas, especially leadership is also a good idea. As leadership is the quality that the hiring manager looks at in a graduate.

Moreover, hobbies and interests show that you are a good fit for the company.

Therefore, you need to do research to get information about the company’s culture.

For Professional, the Resume would have Following Sections-

  • Contact information
  • Resume objective
  • Accomplishments and experience
  • Certifications if have
  • Education
  • Skills
  • Additional sections

As a professional, you have to list all sections in a standard order.

All your accomplishments should be added to your experience section.

As a Career Changer, Your Resume Sections would have the Following Sections-

  • Contact information
  • Resume objective
  • Relevant experience
  • Additional experience
  • Education
  • Skills
  • Additional sections

It’s not necessary that all your past jobs will match your new one. But if you had an impressive role, you can add that to your resume.

What to Include in Resume Sections

Well, now you have the answer to the question of what are the mandatory resume sections to resume.

Which order would be best for these resume classes?

Now, you need to understand what these resume classes should include. Like what should happen in the experience section and what should happen in the Skills section.

So, we will discuss to understand all the resume sections one by one. What information should be put in these sections?

Contact Information Section

Every resume will include contact information and, what should be included in the contact information.

Let’s answer that.

This section is never going to be long.

Contact information contains your name, phone number and email address.

In addition, you can also include social media addresses, licenses and other links.

Resume Summary and Resume Objectives

To resume the resume will add the summary. Whether you are a graduate or a professional.

Writing resume summaries will be best for professionals with job profession skills and other achievements.

For IT professionals, a profile section needs to be added.

The purpose of all others should be resumed.

Experience Section

This section includes the relevant jobs you have held, starting from the most recent situation and keeping them all in reverse-chronological order.

Keep your title, date, company name and its location.

Introduce all your duties, achievements and responsibilities in bullet points.

Education Section

First start with your degree with the passing date and then the other degree in reverse-chronological order.

Here, degree, major/major. Minor, name and location of the institute, add the type of year elapsed.

Certification Section

If you have both licenses and certificates, your section is called. “License and Certification Give title otherwise only  Certificate Add the title.

Add the name of the authentication and certifying entity with date and location.

Skills Section

Get job details and keep skills with some additional details as per the job offer.

Keep your strongest skills first and so on.

Hobbies and Interests Section

Here all you need to do is to check the company’s culture and match your interests with it.

Avoid adding weird hobbies that seem funny like religion, alcohol, etc.


It is seen that to make an effective resume not only all the mandatory sections are necessary. But, In what order they are placed and what to put in these sections also needs to concern. If you want to make a resume online then visit our site.

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It is a complete guide about Resume Sections and Categories. It is a very nice article. Keep sharing more such articles with us so I choose at to manage the task. It is very important to get some skills along with the experience.

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