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Posted On 01/30/2020 09:12:12 by DollWeird

My barometer for Madden NFL has always been its running game. At that stage of Madden , whether it's handing over the orb or receiving the service, it always tells me the story of this year's game - what's the real point of it, and who Madden is going to push this year's sales to among the large audience it attracts.

So Madden NFL 20 is a game for core sports video game players. The game has been redesigned to appeal to long-term players in the sophisticated options of the franchise model and the confusing commands of the longshot story model. It starts with the running game.

Last year, a new technology called real player motion emerged in FIFA. Whether running in Madden NFL 20 after passing or receiving the orb , it is more real to life. But in Madden, it needs more user interest and investment. Even the first and tenth rounds of the setup table require some special input to work. In the past maddens, I could only use the left joystick to control, stop and start players. Real player motion, which complements last year's frost bite engine, now requires on-screen performers to meaningfully stop their movement before changing direction. It makes them heavier and slows them down significantly.

I've always felt that Madden's longest running game problem is first contact with the game, and real player motion will extend the game meaningfully after the first hit. I've seen a lot of stumbling blocks and extra yards, much more than the previous version. However, in the open space, because of the slowness of runners when they encounter the line of contention and the automatic hesitation of catchers without hesitation after catching the orb , users still need to have a natural sense of the available actions and when to deploy them. (square / x) command.

Madden NFL 20 has two new tricks to solve this problem, but you won't know them until you're watching the load screen or reading the developer journal. There is a "one size fits all" move, which attempts to replicate the ability of real professionals to switch directions, leaving defenders and a mass of earth behind. One touch consumes a lot of players' energy. Over the years, it's easy for me and others to waste this step. Once the orb carrier takes possession, he sits on the right trigger. In addition, there is "hole smashing", which is basically a nudge on the route (on the right turning bar) to let players enter the day through the running track.

It took me a long time to understand that this is what I should do. In the past maddens, I tried to go through the hole only with the left joystick. In Madden 20 , I saw some really impressive situational actions as I slid the joystick into the driveway. Without MUT Coins, Madden NFL 20 may cause the controller to throw.

Although I am frustrated with the success of the game, I still have an exciting moment. What I want to do is play the game, which is not available in my generation's game consoles. After playing for a few days, I think I understand the requirements of Madden 20 for me. The challenge it brings is a challenge worthy of gradual development, and the game has a strong and diverse attraction. You can continue to try its various in-depth game modes.

Let's start with the ultimate team, which I've briefly used in the past. Madden NFL 20 introduces a development system ("training") that allows users to build emotional favorites and reliable performers. The contract is gone forever. Unless the user gets the contract extension card, the timer will limit the player to a certain game time range. This decision injected a lot of personality into my team. The final team, whether in Madden or in other EA Sports Games, can play out the loyalty of players to those who challenge through lower levels to achieve the best. Now, not only do these people accompany me as long as I want, but I can keep them relevant to the training promotion.

The ultimate team succeeded in another new area: the solo campaign. It's a new weekly tournament format that allows users to compete with a selection of other ultimate team lineups without having to face the user online. In football, like any other video game, human competition is more difficult and unpredictable than any AI. The soloist battle gives me and other timid players the opportunity to compete with the AI we can cope with in the endless diversity provided by the ultimate team, thanks to its variable difficulty settings.

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