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Hands on: Urwerk UR-105 "Hourglass"

Back in the early days of Urwerk.

Hour Glass introduced the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph in platinum to celebrate its 40th anniversary limited edition,Urwerk UR-210 watches price, followed by two pairs from leading independent watchmakers De Bethune and Urwerk Watch. The Singapore retailer will get a three-piece limited edition based on the current UR-105, but this also goes back to the brand's early work.

UR-105 "Hour Glass" is made of aged bronze and titanium, similar to the UR-105 CT bronze introduced earlier this year, but the streamlined and spring cover on the front cover does not have sandpaper. This is a simplified design and An improvement.

The commemorative edition is enough for retailers who have been selling Urwerk for 15 years. The commemorative edition uses elements borrowed from Urwerk models for many years to create a pocket watch to remember the brand's basic models in the early 2000s.

UR-103 Rebirth
Launched in 2014, UR-105 is the successor to UR-103, which was first introduced in 2003. The best-selling Urwerk to date, and arguably the brand's iconic watch, the UR-103 is the watch that made Urwerk an avant-garde champion. Mechanical watchmaking.Richard Mille RM 11-03 Flyback McLaren replica

In commemoration of this landmark watch, the UR-105 has a U-shaped sapphire crystal of UR-103.03. The first version of this watch, the UR-103.01, had a narrow curved window at the time, while the 2005 UR-103.03 used a larger crystal to expand the field of view.

The purpose of the U-shaped crystal is to reveal the mechanism behind the hovering hours display, which is essentially a satellite showing off four hours and the turntable that hosts them. Reproduced on Memorial UR-105.

Since the UR-105 is a much more complicated watch than the original UR-103, the crystal has a much larger use. There are many more places to see.

The black-coated aluminum conveyor belt inside the UR-105 "Hour Glass" is hollowed out to show the hour satellites, each of which has three hour numbers. There is also a bit of bronze beneath each satellite: the Maltese cross that powers the satellite is made of beryllium bronze.

The hollow-out conveyor shows a honeycomb seconds dial (in the lower left corner) and a power reserve indicator (on the right), which is only available on the UR-105 skeleton version.

The power reserve is simple and clear, with a color scale indicating the remaining energy in the mainspring. Full speed operation will last about 48 hours. The seconds display is more interesting.

The second hand is represented by a red box above the hollowed out second hand dial, but because the dial's scale unit is decimal, it is more approximate. Nevertheless, the meticulous continuous movement of the dial is one of the most striking elements of the watch.

Making a honeycomb seconds dial requires a high-tech process called photolithography, which is also used to make printed circuit boards and microprocessors. It makes the disc compact and lightweight. The second dial weighs less than a tenth of a gram-it is essential because of its constant movement.

In the dark, the watch was illuminated. During the day, the luminous material is naturally colored, which is an advantage. Although most watchmaking industries pair bronze cases with distressed "chimneys" (usually unnecessary effects), Urwerk chose the green Super-Luminova, a popular choice.

In two worlds
This UR-105 spans two doors and combines the look of medieval weapons with Urwerk's traditional sci-fi style. The aged steampunk aesthetic of the bronze bezel makes an interesting difference from the modern look that most Urwerk high quality replica watches embody.

The oblong pin is fixed by extending from the titanium case below, the copper front of the UR-105 "hour glass" is matte and silent, and has been created to create a slightly older look, although a less extreme than in UR-2016 There are 105 T-Rex units starting in the year.

However, because the surface is large and flat, and the surface is smooth, patina in the future should be an interesting issue, because even the smallest surface changes will be obvious. However, unlike the bronze of UR-105 CT, this does not have a hinged cover, which means that the wearer has no reason to touch the bezel, which may slow down the oxidation rate.

Like other Urwerk models, the watch's photos look much larger than on the wrist, and one of the reasons is that it doesn't have protruding lugs.

The dimensions are the same as the standard UR-105, 39.5 mm wide and 53 mm long. The thickness of the watch is 17.8 mm, which makes it a thick watch, but the ratio is good.Blancpain FIFTY FATHOMS replica watches

Despite its size, the titanium case is light and comfortable enough. But the flatness of the case back and its length mean that it may not fit perfectly on a smaller wrist.

The back of Urwerk UR-105 is a typical Urwerk, showing the "turbo" automatic winding, a clever mechanism designed to optimize winding efficiency based on the wearer's physical activity.

Therefore, the person sitting at the desk should keep the watch at the maximum winding state, and the person playing tennis should stop the winding mechanism (although it is not recommended to play tennis with a mechanical watch unless wearing on an arm that is not playing).

A bar display directly below each turbine indicates the winding settings. It is controlled by a joystick with three settings: "full" painted green SuperLuminova, which means the largest clockwork on the desk, "red" means reducing the clockwork for medium activities The "stop" breaks the clockwork, which means that the clockwork can only be operated manually with the oversized crown at 12 o'clock.

Several current Urwerk models seem to be too hard; for example, the hinged lid on the standard UR-105. So even though the UR-105 "Hour Glass" is no different from the standard model, it's an improvement that focuses on key elements while reminding the brand of an exciting early period.U-BOAT Chimera replica watches

Key facts
Diameter: 39.5mm
Length: 53mm
Height: 17.8mm
Material: titanium case with bronze bezel
Water resistance: 30m

Movement: UR 5.03 automatic winding, controlled by twin turbines
Frequency: 28,800vph or 4Hz
Power reserve: 48 hours


Strap: black alligator leather

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