Urwerk UR-T8 Skull Limited edition replica watch
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urwerk ur-110 replica Urwerk's latest work was revealed last Thursday and is the reference for some of the earliest watches released by the brand. The earliest timepieces UR-101 and UR-102 have a track hour display and have since become a feature of the brand's watches. However, the design implementation of these two versions is also very different.
The UR-100 SpaceTime still uses Urwerk's identifiable orbital hour satellite display as the primary timing component, but it removes the bulky case cover, which typically hides the watch's relay display system. The central axis of the watch maintains a three-armed rotary system made of lightweight aluminum. Each of the three arms has its own pyramidal pyramid structure (made of beryllium bronze) that carries a four-hour mark, given the rotational frequency of the display, three per arm The hour is carried once. When the wheel turntable is partially emptied, the unused numbers are blocked by the aluminum bridge. At the end of each arm, three identical, red-pointed hands traverse the entire dial throughout the three-hour rotation of the turntable, indicating different complications per hour.

The cheap luxury watches lower part of the dial is equipped with a minute display, while the hour hand is placed directly above the specific pointer by the above-mentioned track hour display, which is popular by Audemars Piguet with the help of the Star Wheel and by Hautlence. And Arnold & son in recent years. After 60 minutes, the pointer showing the time disappears (replaced immediately by the pointer at the back) and passes under and between the sub-dial, again showing one of two astronomical complexities: the distance the Earth rotates on its axis and The distance the earth orbits the sun.
The first celestial complication is located between the traditional 9 o'clock and 11 o'clock positions, showing the distance (in kilometers) that the wearer is traveling on Earth at any given time. On average, the Earth rotates at 555 km every 20 minutes, a display that highlights this fact.

On the other side of the richard mille rafael nadal dial, near the traditional 2 o'clock position, the last pointer indicates the distance the Earth revolves around the sun - spanning about 35,740 km every 20 minutes.

Obviously, the tolerances required to move the pointer over the entire dial and accurately display all three indicators are very narrow, and Urwerk says it takes nearly two years of research and development to complete the design. Each pointer is bent downwards so that it can be seamlessly passed from the display time to the bottom of the auxiliary astronomical display, and the auxiliary astronomical display features a downwardly steep curve to fit the dome sapphire crystal. The gap is small and the UR-100 seems to be very fragile, but in fact, due to Urwerk's caliber 12.01, the Zenith Elite basic movement was completely reconstructed and re-conceived by Baumgartner and his team.

A number of swiss replica watches can be seen from the front of the watch, while the bottom cover surprises the brand's long-term supporters. For the first time, Urwerk made the movement's winding system visible. Although the self-winding rotor may not be very similar, it is actually a planar/planetary turbine system that minimizes overwinding and wear. Urwerk described the system as "Windfäng", a Swiss-German word that was effectively translated as an "air trap." In addition to the turbine system that prevents excessive rotation, there are a large number of holes around the rotor that reduce its overall quality. Finally, through the round matte, sanding, brushing and chamfering screw heads highlight the finishing of the movement.
The new watch, named UR-100 SpaceTime, dates back to the early days of Urwerk (please note that the reference number is earlier than the UR-101 / 102 reference number), but the brand does not directly follow these initial designs with a small reference. At the same time, for the first time, two astronomical complexity appeared in the watch.

The three base plates that make up the Calibre 12.01 layered structure are made of ARCAP, an alloy that Urwerk has incorporated into the timepiece for many years. Although the brand did not invent the alloy, it was one of the first watch brands to take advantage of its advantages in the watch industry.

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