ExileCon Livestream Detailed Content Process
Posted On 11/06/2019 00:13:15 by Cadencealida

The first official meeting of the Path of Exile, ExileCon, will be held in Auckland, New Zealand from November 16th to 17th, which means that less than a week before the event, About half of the content will be streamed live on the web. And the rest of the content will be recorded in the news released in the future. Today, the professionally provided high-quality Exalted Orb, brings you a list of content types that can be expected in the live broadcast. If you are watching at home, Then the following content will be very helpful to you.

When the large countdown on ends, you will be fully aware that some live broadcasters will start broadcasting after the one-hour preview. Since they will have the opportunity to look around the venue, their guesses about what we want to announce should be very interesting. After the preview, we switched coverage to the main theater, and Chris, Jonathan, and Eric will give keynote speeches at the main theatre, including announcements of various Path of Exile, including large-scale 4.0.0 large expansion. After the keynote speech, we can have more initial comments on the announcement, and we will invite a senior developer to join the streaming media to answer specific questions about the new extension, and also let them live broadcaster play the 4.0.0 game demo.

After the presentation of 4.0.0, what continues is an in-depth discussion of the 3.9.0 extension, which is the same type of news coverage we typically see in upcoming extensions and league press conferences. We will provide many details about the new extensions and league mechanics, as well as information about new skills, auxiliary gems, unique items, and more. If there is time, we will answer the questions of the audience. After an in-depth study of 3.9.0 depth, we will go directly into a similar deep in-depth study of the 4.0.0 giant extension, with more details than those introduced in the keynote speech earlier in the day. We hope to be able to answer questions from the audience in this presentation.

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