How to become a successful Scourge Arrow Raider
Posted On 10/28/2019 01:47:49 by Cadencealida

We should all know that this version is a version that requires you to handle the content. No matter how strong your defense is, those monsters can kill you. The player needs to confirm one thing, that is, confirmation is required, all will be in Killing you in one hit, then all you need to do is to circumvent this situation as much as possible, and our build is based on this purpose. What needs to be shown to you is that we offer this set of suggestions. It may take a certain amount of POE Currency, you need to prepare enough POE Orbs, If you are not prepared enough, then I recommend you can go to to Buy Path of Exile Currency, a very reliable shop. and these costs are worthwhile, when you can explore 1000 depth, POE Orbs will become very common, and the frequency of dropping will become very high, and they are rare Orbs, and the deeper the area, the higher the return you will get. When you reach the depth of 1000, I believe I, your pay now is worth it.

There are two attributes you need to focus on: dodge and freeze. This is a crucial factor in whether you can go deeper, as much as possible to improve your dodge, including equipment and your skills, high enough dodge will evade a large number of monster attacks for you, of course, this does not mean that you can Abandoning the choice of defensive equipment, frozen damage and deceleration properties is very useful for you, this will help you get enough time to destroy the monsters, and the Frost Wall can greatly increase your defense ability in actual combat. These are the two attributes that you need to focus on. Of course, it's not that other attributes don't matter. You need to choose according to your actual situation.

I will give you a set of best equipment recommendations, but they are really expensive, you can buy POE Currency in a trading store like, or you can pick cheaper alternatives. In order for this version to work, you need an agile stacking bow with the addition of "10 to X Frost damage per 10 agility attacks." and "20% chance to cause double damage" modifiers, one with "Hit 12 Assassins" The ring of the impressed enemies of the imprint is also essential, and your ideal equipment should also include the headhunter belt. A void mask with a "bow attack will launch an extra arrow" damage, Tomb Glove, Marylene's Paradox Amulet. When you're ready to complete these items, you can set off and explore the depths and get the spoils.


POE Currency

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From: JanelleEddie
11/13/2019 01:39:46

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