Attach a silk scarf to give a different color for summer
Posted On 10/04/2019 10:49:56 by hotfashion

The summer solstice has passed, this day is hotter than the day, the days of sweating are accompanied by you and me every day, afraid of hot standard - T-shirts, shorts. How many of you? Can't surrender to this sun, can this long summer weather be able to withstand your swaying fashion heart?

The silk scarf is actually praised by the international fashion industry as "elegant baton". The famous silk scarf is closely related to the history of China's "Silk Road".

Silk, known as Replica Luxury Silk Scarves, is called postmodernism. It was called in the late Han Dynasty of China. It was popular in the middle of the Tang Dynasty. It was transformed into in the Song Dynasty. The Qing Dynasty and the Xia Wei gradually disappeared and evolved into scarves. It is similar to the modern tie, the collar of the Qing Dynasty. The scarf at this time is similar to the modern Western popular tie and long scarf.

In the 1920s, the concept of "fashion" emerged in the world. The elegant silk scarf was the fashionable element and was sought after by the majority of fashionable people. In the 1930s, based on this trend, the world-famous Hermes came into being. Once the Replica Cheap Hermes Scarf was launched, it became a hot item for celebrities and members of the royal family. In the 1950s and 1960s, scarves were popular, but they were circulated: "wearing silk scarves, as elegant as ICON."

"A woman without a scarves has no future." Elizabeth Taylor described the importance of silk scarves to women, and the love of women in silk scarves at that time was evident.

This is the classic style of our goddess Audrey Hepburn. She once said: "When I tied a silk scarf, I felt like a woman, a beautiful woman."

Oscar-winning Grace Kelly broke her arm in 1956. She covered the hospital's fixed strap with Hermès scarf and became a classic.

The prevailing trend of this stock continued until the peak in the 1970s, but it fell to the trough in the 1980s and 1990s. Although Alexander McQueen was later designed, he appeared in the spring/summer 2003 show series and still has a classic turban. The silk scarf is fashionable, but it still does not evoke the awakening of the silk scarf on the fashion road.

With the diversification and inclusiveness of fashion elements, coupled with the nostalgic sentiment of the fashion industry, more people use silk scarves more widely and innovatively.

Always admiring the innate elegance of French women, and there is never a scarves in their wardrobes. A silk scarf is worn on the body. Compared to jewellery, silk scarves are more gentle and low-key. In summer, silk scarves make our dresses richer and more layered.

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