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Is ‘New World’ unique enough to compete in the MMO genre?
Posted On 08/28/2021 08:05:25 by Kakuyi1999

I am a massive fan of MMORPGs. Since I was a teenager I’ve been playing them, starting with World Of Warcraft, and eventually trying out other titles before, inevitably, jumping aboard the Final Fantasy XIV train. Hell, I even played The Lord of the Rings Online at one point, so I’m familiar enough with the World currency

READ MORE: New World preview: great combat marks a hot prospect for the future

As of writing, I’ve played over 25 hours of Amazon G... Read More

'World of Warcraft' gold is worth 7 times more than Venezuela's currency
Posted On 11/09/2020 06:00:42 by wisepowder

Venezuela's currency, the bolívar, has been drastically losing value on the global market ahead of its reform in June. The bolívar has lost so much value that World of Warcraft's in-game currency is now worth seven times more than it.To get more news about cheap WoW items, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

Ever since Blizzard introduced the WoW Token, World of Warcraft's in-game gold has had a more direct comparison to real-world markets. WoW tokens can be... Read More

World of Warcraft Classic Gold Making Guide
Posted On 11/09/2020 05:45:06 by wisepowder

Aside from levelling up their character, one of the primary concerns of the thousands of players who have entered World of Warcraft Classic since they started will be earning gold.To get more news about best place to buy wow classic gold, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

You are right in the sense that almost every monster drops it and many quests forgive it. But gold in World of Warcraft Classic is hard to come by now. You'll see silver and copper rewards, which you'l... Read More

World Of Warcraft Vision Of N'oth Significant Features
Posted On 10/31/2020 10:43:47 by wisepowder

Blizzard released the latest update of World of Warcraft, Patch 8.3, also known as Visions of Na??Zoth, on January 14, introducing a series of new content and features to play.To get more news about buy gold classic wow, you can visit lootwowgold official website.
Horrific Visions
There are a series of challenges for 1 to 5 players to glimpse at the twisted future N'Zoth has in store for Orgrimmar and Stormwind, which will attack your sanity and increase the instance's difficulty... Read More

World of Warcraft Classic upcoming phases and updates list
Posted On 10/21/2020 16:51:11 by wisepowder

World of Warcraft Classic upcoming phases and updates list

To capture the World of Warcraft “vanilla” experience as accurately as possible, Blizzard decided to implement phases to Classic, each adding new content to the game. To get more news about buy WoW Classic gold, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

The phases are centered primarily on raid and player power progression, focusing on endgame content and gear. Although Classic is on Patc... Read More

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