Title: Replacing a Vape Coil
Blog Entry: There are multiple things to keep in mind when purchasing a decent Vape Wholesale or MOD, but most of it includes keeping it in good shape. One of the most important attachments that needs replacing every so often, is your coil. Depending on how often you vape, your coil needs to be changed regardless of your usage. For the average vaper with an average to decently made device, it is recommended to change your coil every 7-10 days. You'll get a different answer from everyone on that it seems. It also depends on the vape itself. Some devices can last up to 4 weeks with extremely minimal usage. Some may only last for a few days, especially if you "chain vape." Chain vaping will quickly burn out the coil, because coils were not made to be burning all day long. If you chain vape, you absolutely need to have replacements. Why is it important to change your coil? - The wick on the coil will eventually burn out, thus making your vape juice taste burnt. - The vapor will start to taste dry and hot, which is a good indicator that you should change your coil. - If you don't replace the coil, you run a high risk of vape juice leaking down into your battery, thus damaging it beyond repair. Coils are less expensive than the vape itself. - It's basic routine maintenance. No coils last forever, and they certainly aren't meant to do so. By changing the coil when it is needed, you're taking good care of your vape. Anyone who vapes regularly knows it's mandatory to change the coil every so often. So, it's always best to have backups available.Although, not changing your coil isn't life threatening, As long as you aren't constantly dry hitting it, it won't hurt you physically, but it won't be too tasty. There has been theories that a burnt coil can produce harmful chemicals, nothing has been proven otherwise. The reason why coils get burnt, is because of the electrical current running through it. Think about it. If a light stays on in a room for a long period of time, does the light bulb not get hot? Light bulbs burn out. Coils burn out. Granted, you can't turn the light on if the bulb is completely burnt out, but it is a very similar concept. If you're constantly hitting a burnt coil, it will eventually stop working altogether, just like a burnt out light bulb.