Title: How to Spot Fake Burberry Shirts?
Blog Entry: Burberry is a British luxury fashion house known around the world for its expensive and top-notch clothing, including trendy shirts. However, nothing is more disappointing than spending money on knockoffs on the market that are more or less replicas of the original Burberry shirts. If you buy from their designated store, then you won't be fooled by counterfeit products. However, if you are buying from a place other than a Burberry registered store, please make sure you have the correct information to differentiate between genuine and fake Burberry shirts . 1. Check the logo on the shirt If you're looking to buy a genuine Burberry shirt instead of a bootleg, then don't hesitate to double-check the logo with a magnifying glass. Make sure the logo on the shirt is in all capital letters, such as "BURBERRY". However, if the logo is spelled "BURBERY," "BURBURY," or "Burberry's," then it's definitely a replica burberry shirt . 2. Study the label of the shirt carefully Start by thoroughly researching the labels on your shirts. In case, if the label on the shirt says something other than "Made in China" or "Made in London", it's definitely a fake Burberry shirt . 3. Look at the stitching of the shirt Burberry shirts are known around the world for their finest craftsmanship. Burberry's shirts are finely crafted with double stitching. If you're buying a shirt with poor and uneven stitching, fabric glue, faulty zippers, or mismatched buttons, it's definitely a knockoff. 4. Check the material of the shirt Now, touch the fabric of the shirt and gradually stroke it with your hands, trying to feel it. The material of the original Burberry shirt should be sturdy and expensive. If the material of the shirt is rough and of poor quality, then you definitely need to question the authenticity of fake Burberry shirt . 5. Check the price tag on the shirt It's not surprising to spend hundreds of dollars on authentic Burberry shirts, as they range in price from $115 to $295. Fake Burberries may have low price tags to lure you. 6. Check the pattern on the shirt Examine the pattern of the shirt thoroughly. If you find perfectly horizontal Nova Check lines from one end of the shirt to the other, this is a Burberry original shirt. However, the diagonal plaid clearly indicated a fake Burberry shirt .