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POSTED BY: LGreen on 01/19/2020 03:02:36

Hello everyone. I will be leaving my home country soon and I need to be able to forward calls. Have SMS forwarded to my number? Does anyone use any kind of virtual phone number service? Any suggestions please for any toll-free number maybe?
I will be gone for a good couple of months so I need a reliable service.

POSTED BY: Paulinho on 01/20/2020 06:36:08

Prices and the entire list of services you are looking for are on this site. Perhaps you need to radically revise your concept of solving your problem. I have been using this resource recently, but for myself I have found many advantages that competitors cannot offer. The prices are really interesting and not high, and there is the possibility of calls to more than 100 countries at good rates.

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POSTED BY: KimLo on 01/21/2020 07:52:20

This topic is serious and something more people should know about. Take it from me I know all about these services. It's in my field of work. You see I work at somewhat of a small company but we have to deal with a lot of customers over the phone. We have been using LINK and it has proven to be the winner. With them, you can choose cloud phone systems for numbers of many countries.

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POSTED BY: MarkUltra on 08/30/2020 19:19:06

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POSTED BY: BalanceBlind on 10/02/2020 08:30:19

Wow! This is so nice that more and more companies are in the habit of using modern technologies. Personally, I am going to read more about what does blended call center mean because this is definitely a step forward and I am sure that it will help me in my future. I don't know how it will help but I think so. 

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POSTED BY: RoseCummings on 10/14/2020 10:44:39

It was a great help ! Thank you very much for sharing this ! Walgreenslistens

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